Remember Drag Weekers, Check Those Friday Timeslips – I Survived Shirts are Back!

Back by popular demand are our “I Survived” shirts from HOT ROD Drag Week! At the bottom of every tech sheet is a pair of secret links to our store at We’ve got uni-sex T-shirts and women’s V-necks available, so be sure to check the links in the product descriptions for the cut you need.

This year, we’re returning with the ever-so-loved “If You Haven’t Survived Drag Week, Then Please Shut Up” shirt that ensures that the next street car event you run knows that you’re tougher and, maybe, just a little crazier than the average bear.

Our second design is based on the Week Wagon, which won our Spirit of Drag Week award in 2017. Defined by, “The competitor who most demonstrates a do-or-die attitude while helping others, showing good sportsmanship, and spreading the good will of Drag Week.” To many, the award is more coveted than the outright champion – and that’s what makes the racing family here so special.

Last year, Dan Nissen won the honor after building the “Week Wagon” — a budget-minded Malibu wagon that was auctioned off to benefit a friend of Drag Week and his son. The Week Wagon ended up in the hands of Harry Haig as something of a racers rental for his fellow Australians as they come to America for a masochist vacation.

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