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This Acura Integra Is Powered By A Mid-Mounted, Twin Turbo Caddy V8

The DC2-generation Acura Integra is much-loved by those that know its capabilities, but often dismissed by those unaware of Honda’s sports car wizardry of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

This particular Integra, a 1999 model, looks like any other. It is painted in a bland shade of Burgundy, and seems relatively unassuming. Well, better take a closer look, ’cause it’s not.

Widened arches have been fitted front and rear and there are also a pair of big chrome tailpipes protruding from the underside of the bumper. And they’re there just for show, either.

This particular Integra has been transformed with an 8.2-liter Cadillac V8 that’s complemented by a pair of 65 mm turbochargers and a 950 CFM carburetor. As you may have guessed, the small coupe has nowhere near enough room under its hood to house such a massive powertrain. Consequently, the engine has been shoehorned into the trunk.

The seller on Classic Cars says that the car makes use of a Cadillac subframe and suspension setup to hold the huge engine in place. The car also comes equipped with a three-speed automatic transmission, a huge aluminum radiator, two intercoolers, a 17 gallon fuel cell and a custom fuel pump. It’s unclear how much grunt this potent package delivers, but it’s inevitably more than three times the power the car used to make do with.

In total, the car’s chassis has traveled 220,471 miles (354,813 km), but no details have been offered about the mileage of the powertrain. Nevertheless, an asking price of $27,995 doesn’t seem overly excessive – if you can live with a rear-wheel drive Frankencar of an Integra, that is.

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