Buy them before we do: second-hand picks for 7 December

We found one with 100 miles at a main dealer for £27,850. Granted, it’s the basic eD4 SE in orphan white but that’s still £3663 less than its then new price. Saying that, some sellers were actually doing brand-new ones with a saving of £3420, making that pre-reg look less tempting. Still, you could always haggle a discount on it.

Clash of the classifieds

Brief: Find me a family PHEV for short electric trips and long hauls, for £20k.

Volkswagen Golf GTE, £18,995: You can go 20% further on an electric charge with this Golf GTE than the car below. That’s right, 31 miles – earth-shattering! But a two- to three-hour charge from a 3.7kW charger would help cut fuel consumption, then the efficient 1.4-litre petrol engine we like in the normal Golf will take over, and should give you 45mpg all day long. Plus, being a hatchback, it’s considerably more practical than a booted Beemer. For £18,995 for this 2016 example, there’s no better family PHEV. Max Adams

BMW 330e, £18,495: Let’s face it, most plug-in hybrids have all the pizzazz of a tray of soil, and the only one that really stands out in our rush to petrol-electric nirvana is the magnificent 330e – a handsome, soft-riding, rear-wheel-drive, mega-handling four-door executive saloon of such competence, it can survive on electric power alone before its delightful 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine chips in. You get luxury, quality and great driving dynamics, as well as, in this example, a one-owner, 9000-mile car for less than £20k. If this is the future, bring it on. Mark Pearson

Verdict: Funny how that BMW badge melts even the steeliest resolve… I’ll take the 330e and live with its paltry 14-mile electric range. Sorry, Golf. John Evans

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