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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 2018 UK review

Should I buy one?

If you’re the sort of person who thinks that if you’re going to offend your neighbours and risk your social standing with a fast SUV, you might as well do it properly, get yourself a Helljeep. That’ll do it.

Moreover, if you’ve owned and loved proper American muscle cars but your life has developed beyond their typical range of usability, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk might even deserve to be the only car in your thinking. It is, for its many and obvious flaws and failings, a superbly singular thing.

From a simple bang-for-buck perspective, is there another way to buy 700bhp straight out of the showroom for £90,000 at the moment? Not that I know of. Is there a more straightforward, direct, unpretentious and genial car than this among a fairly disagreeable bunch of modern super-SUVs? If so, I’m not sure I’ve driven it.

The only serious word of warning we would give to prospective customers concerns tyres. We tested an Italian-spec, left-hand-drive car on Pirelli P-Zero tyres, which, oddly, won’t be available in the UK; here, the Trackhawk will come on ‘all-season’ rubber as standard. Shall we pause and think about that for a second? 700bhp, 2429kg and super sports car pace, all on squirming treadblocks. Gulp.

I wonder if ‘one-season’ might be a better description for those tyres, given the torrid time a Trackhawk might give ‘em. I also worry about what they might do to a handling compromise that doesn’t have abundant lateral grip or stability at the best of times.

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