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First McLaren Senna Wrecked By Fire, Was Owned By YouTuber Salomondrin

The first recorded incident of a wrecked McLaren Senna occurred this week.  The exotic hypercar was owned by YouTube personality Salomondrin and it was destroyed by a fire in Los Angeles.

There are limited details about the incident available at this early stage but a series of images of the car were shared across Reddit. They confirm that the hypercar is indeed the one which Salomondrin, real name Alejandro Salomon, took delivery of just a few days ago.

Speaking briefly about the incident on his Instagram story, Salomon denied claims that he crashed the car or that someone else crashed into it. This statement seems to be backed up by the images of the car which don’t show any obvious signs of a crash.

Instead, the pictures just show what appears to have been a fire that was triggered in the engine bay and soon spread throughout the hypercar.

Images of the car’s rear show that much of the fascia, decklid and engine bay are nothing but a melted mess. The fire also spread into the cabin which has also been destroyed with melted plastics and damaged carbon fiber immediately visible.

Interestingly, much of the car’s front appears to have been untouched by the blaze, indicating that fire crews arrived on the scene quite quickly and were able to extinguish the flames before the entire car was engulfed.

Salomon’s McLaren Senna is immediately identifiable thanks to its silver paint scheme that includes accents finished in yellow, green, and carbon fiber.

Carscoops has contacted Salomon for additional information about the incident. We will update this story when we hear back.

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