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Why Would Anyone Integrate A VW Touran Into A Canal Boat Stern?

Say you own a VW Touran that you never get to use anymore, and a narrow canal boat. Would you connect the dots and find a way to “install” the MPV at the boat’s stern? Probably not, but one person did.

The image was uploaded to Reddit recently by someone with the username iledoffard, who later specified that the boat was found on the Grand Union canal in the UK.

All things considered, it’s a pretty fascinating idea as it begs the question why somebody would do this to their boat – does it suit any practical needs? If the interior was stripped, then you could probably use it for increased visibility during cold months.

Here’s another interesting thought: If the owner of the boat actually uses the Touran body as a steering deck, that would be pretty impressive, but without any additional information, we can only speculate as to what potential benefits such a mod could bring.

What we can tell you for certain is that this is quite weird, and maybe that’s all there is to it; someone though it was a nice idea and that’s that. And while we think that it looks weird, we’re not here to judge anyone about his taste.

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