Chinese (Or Thai?) Hypercar Replicas Look Very Close To The Real Things

A handful of images from a small Asian company developing hypercar replicas have surfaced. Much to our surprise, they reveal a number of pretty accurate knock-offs of some of the world’s most expensive production cars.

The pictures, first posted by an Instagram user and shared by GTspirit, show the body shells of a Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari LaFerrari, Pagani Zonda R, Maserati MC12 and Bugatti Chiron. Most of the shells seem to be made from carbon fiber or fiberglass, but the Chiron replica also incorporates steel (or is it aluminum?) panels.

Perhaps the most impressive is the knock-off Veneno. A pair of images showing the completed car reveal an exterior skin that appears identical to the real Lambo. One of the reasons why the car looks like the real article is that it’s allegedly based on an Aventador, just like the real thing. This means that the body of a Veneno hasn’t had to be stretched and reformed to fit on the shell of a cheap sports car like most replicas, and the proportions appear to be spot on.

The LaFerrari, Zonda R, MC12, and Chiron bodies also snapped seem very realistic, but we have absolutely no idea what cars are going to underpin them. And, while they do look nice, our opinion on replicas remains unchanged. Apart maybe from the fake Veneno, which at least is based on an actual Aventador.

There are virtually no details about the company behind these creations. Some online claim that they are from China, but others suggest that the firm is actually based in Thailand. If you have any inside knowledge of these replicas, be sure to let us know!

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