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Doing Donuts In A LaFerrari Is Getting A Bit Old, Isn’t It?

For a limited production hybrid hypercar that’s currently valued at between €2.5 and €5 million ($2.8-$5.6 million), the (clumsily named) Ferrari LaFerrari often gets subjected to some punishing treatments.

This example was filmed somewhere in the Middle East doing donuts on a public road and leaving a haze of tire smoke. The fun continued for a few precious seconds, or at least that’s how long the camera kept recording.

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If you think that’s a novelty, then you have likely missed this white LaFerrari Aperta, whose owner decided that it would be best if he did some donuts in Hungary’s capital, Budapest, just a few meters away from a crowd. Luckily, nobody was injured, and the bystanders were very excited by the ad-hoc demonstration that could have turned into a nightmare.

On another occasion, a different LaFerrari proved its rubber-shredding abilities inside a hangar, leaving behind some skid marks and creating a very melodic soundtrack, amplified by the closed environment.

We’ll end this story with an amusing save performed by another LaFerrari owner, this time in California, during the ‘Cars and Chronos’ meet last year. The driver tried to prove his powersliding skills in front of the camera, but ended up losing control of the wheel in the middle of a junction. He then decided to do some donuts in an attempt to save some of his street-rep.


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