That’s Not How You Enter A Parking Lot

Parking. For some, it is simple. For others, it is one of life’s great challenges. We think the man in the video below fits into the latter category.

The following clip was filmed in Israel and it shows what could very well be one of the most brutal parking lot incidents we’ve ever come across.

The video starts off by showing an underground parking lot filled with cars when suddenly, a Hyundai Tucson enters the parking lot going at what looks to be at least 20 mph (32 km/h). The SUV proceeds to slam into the rear of what appears to be a Kia Picanto, pushing the supermini into the parking lot’s concrete wall and bringing the Hyundai to an abrupt stop.

What is particularly staggering about the security camera vision is that the driver of the Hyundai doesn’t appear to even attempt to slow the SUV down before it smashes into the Kia. In all likelihood, this was a case of the driver mistaking the accelerator and brake pedals and slamming down on the throttle by mistake.

As soon as the Hyundai hits the Kia, it reverses back about 30 feet before the driver brings it to a halt and hops out. It’s difficult to estimate the age of the driver due to the low-resolution footage but the man does appear to be walking quite gingerly after the crash.

Much of the Hyundai’s front end was crushed in the collision. We hate to think of how much damage the tiny Kia sustained.


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