Mustang Consumed By Fire While Doing Donuts At A Car Event

A Ford Mustang GT has been destroyed by fire after the owner did some donuts during a recent car event in Westlake, Texas.

Video from the event shows the driver of the Mustang GT pinning the throttle of the car and burning some rubber in front of a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers. Clearly spurred on by those around them, the driver keeps on spinning around until smoke fills the air. All too quickly, that smoke goes from tire smoke to smoke pouring out of the engine and under carriage of the car.

The following video from Sinclair Photos shows that the Mustang’s exhaust system may have been where the fire started. As attendees at the car event gather around, many start to try and throw water onto the Mustang’s exhaust. Shortly after, some try to douse the flames with fire extinguishers.

Before long, however, flames start to emerge from the engine bay and at that point, nothing could be done to save the muscle car. In the following minutes, a number of small explosions can be seen sealing the Mustang’s fate. Fire crews were called to the scene and while they were able to extinguish the blaze, the damage was already done.

As attendees watch the car burn, one can be heard sarcastically shouting “How much for the headlights?!” while another yells “How much for those rims?!”. Not funny guys. Not funny at all.


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