Vaughn Gitten Jr. Drifts A “Cloverleaf” With 900 HP Mustang RTR

There are few people on earth as skilled at drifting as Vaughn Gitten Jr, as the 38-year-old has recorded 10 wins, 22 podiums, and most notably, 1 championship throughout his Formula Drift career.

Gitten Jr. also happens to pilot perhaps the most badass Ford Mustang on the planet. Dubbed the RTR, the drifting animal made international headlines late last year when Gitten Jr. drifted the entire Nurburgring in the race car.

Eager to once again show off his superb car control, he decided he’d attempt to drift a cloverleaf interchange in the U.S. It may not be as impressive as drifting the world’s most famous (and dangerous) track, but it nevertheless makes for a very satisfying viewing.

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“Entering a cloverleaf at maximum attack is something I’ve always wanted to do! There was nothing like the sound of the 5.0 revving out under the overpass portion as it echoed every which way,” Gitten Jr. said about the stunt.

“It was just the right amount of sketchiness and fun together… and quite a bit more challenging than I had expected linking it all together. And doing it at night made it that much more intense.”

Powering the drifter’s Mustang RTR is a naturally aspirated Roush Yates-built V8 engine churning out in excess of 900 hp. Achieving such a horsepower figure without forced induction is very impressive and it also means the V8 emits a sound that could wake the dead.

Combine the engine’s howl with the sound of burning rubber and you have the ingredients for a very exciting video.


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