Toyota launches Supra one-make racing series for “Gran Turismo Sport”

Avid gamers and Toyota Supra fans should gear up for a new virtual one-make racing series. Toyota and “Gran Turismo Sport” will launch a global one-make racing series for the Playstation and featuring the 2020 Supra this month.

The racing series will take place entirely within the digital realm on “Gran Turismo Sport,” the latest installment in the long-running driving simulator for the PlayStation. Officially titled the “GR Supra GT Cup,” the series will consist of 13 rounds and finalists make their way to the Tokyo Motor Show this October. It’s the first global one-make series to be featured in “Gran Turismo Sport,” although the game has previously held numerous FIA-sanctioned championships.

GR Supra GT Cup one-make race series for 2020 Toyota Supra in ‘Gran Turismo Sport’


Toyota Gazoo Racing said in a Monday release that esports will become a larger pillar of its organization. It hopes as many people as possible will experience the 2020 Toyota Supra, be it in the real world or in a video game. Toyota and Gazoo Racing also plan to take gamers’ input to help enhance the production Supra in years to come.

The GR Supra GT Cup will begin ton April 27 with Fuji International Speedway as the setting for the first race. In the series, virtual racers will take to the grid on digital representations of on a number of real-world racetracks, such as Mount Panorama in Australia and Big Willow in California. The series will also feature a handful of racetracks “Gran Turismo Sport” developers dreamt up. One race will take place every week through Sept. 7 before drivers who make the finals prepare for the event in Tokyo.


GR Supra GT Cup one-make race series for 2020 Toyota Supra in 'Gran Turismo Sport'

GR Supra GT Cup one-make race series for 2020 Toyota Supra in ‘Gran Turismo Sport’

Anyone can enter the one-make series as long as they have a PlayStation 4 and own a copy of “Gran Turismo Sport.” The rules allow kids as young as 6 to partake.

Toyota hasn’t announced what the winner will receive, but said it will release more information about the final event. Additional information for each race in the series will be published on the Toyota-Gazoo website.

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