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Drone Footage Of Formula Drift Cars Will Leave You Breathless

The introduction of consumer-oriented unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV for short), more commonly known as drones, has allowed cinematographers and videographers to capture truly remarkable footage, particularly of cars. The clip below shows just how breathtaking this kind of footage has now become.

The video comes from a guy called Johnny FPV who just so happens to be a professional drone pilot with extensive experience in this field. Footage was captured on a GoPro Hero 7 but the UAV itself isn’t one you can buy off the shelf and is totally bespoke.

Johnny FPV controls his units through a VR headset, allowing him to capture extraordinary angles simply impossible for ordinary drones to match. Additionally, this racing UAV is compact, fast and very agile and films in such a way which will make you think that you’re looking at a video game rather than real-life footage.

Who else wants to get into drone racing?

Much of this footage was filmed during a recent Formula Drift event and one clip shows a Nissan S15 Silvia drifting up a spectacular mountain road in Abu Dhabi.

As we covered last week, this year’s Formula Drift championship is promising to be one for the ages thanks to the inclusion of an all-electric vehicle for the first time in the championship’s history. The EV in question comes from Napoleon Motorsports and is a modified Chevrolet Camaro with the equivalent of 515 hp and 800 lb-ft (1084 Nm) of torque. It won’t sound as extreme as Formula Drift vehicles we’re accustomed to but it promises to be more than capable of getting sideways and shredding its rear tires.


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