Jeep Gladiator Flatbill Concept

Jeep has crowded the 53rd Easter Jeep Safari with six of its concepts. Knowing how competitive the market has gotten in this age, Jeep decided to make use of this much-anticipated event by basing five of its six concepts on the new Gladiator, you know, for maximum exposure. Jeep has also paid tribute to the 1968 M-715 for the sake of nostalgia. Jeep has invested all of its time and finances allotted for this Safari on the Gladiator-based concepts, and here is one that revolves around the theme of motocross lifestyle – Dirt bikes and bro codes. Moniker’d the Flatbill concept, this truck has been designed while keeping the desert lifestyle in mind.

It certainly looks like Jeep had a lot of fun building this concept.
In fact, Jeep seems to have gone all ’bruh’ with the Flatbill concept. How often do you see an automaker relate so close to reality?
It’s not just about the vernacular here; Jeep has managed to induce the ’bro-ness’ into the Jeep with styling and design philosophy. The bright color combination and the loud styling cues make this one of the funkiest concepts of the 2019 Safari lot. Oh, and did we forget to tell you that the term ’Flatbill’ is derived from the popular style of baseball hats that the Jeep folks like to wear. No, we are not making this up, bro.

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