Dodge Challenger Gets Acquainted With The Liberty Walk Ethos

Even if their portfolio seems to consist mainly of the same add-ons adapted to a variety of cars, Liberty Walk does have the tendency to shock. That’s because their projects are often taken out of their comfort zone, which results in some interesting creations.

For instance, there’s something strangely satisfying about this Dodge Challenger that has received the Japanese tuner’s attention.

The overall appearance of the popular muscle car is that it belongs in a drift challenge. It could also blend in just good in Japan’s mountain scenery, with the rear end sliding out for some sideways action.

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Now, let’s check out those aftermarket parts in detail. First, we have the front spoiler lip, which costs $980 for overseas markets. Then, there’s a ducktail spoiler that will set you back $1,000, and the wide fender add-ons, with visible bolts, which are only available in combination with the other two parts, making for a complete body kit that’s priced at $5,780.

The low rider stance has been achieved with an air suspension which, at $7,900, is also the most expensive upgrade here. Finally, the 20-inch wheels, which are wider at the back, cost a more down-to-earth $1,000, and are shod in Pirelli P Zero tires with white branding.

This isn’t Liberty Walk’s first encounter with the Challenger, as they previously completed several other builds. It does, however, look bad to the bone – and although wide body kits are not always the best choice, this one succeeds in looking bad to the bone.

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