High-Speed L.A. Chase Ends With Suspect Violently Crashing Into Parked Cars

This shockingly brutal accident look place this past weekend on May 12th, 2019, and was captured via security camera at the corner of Blackwelder St and Redondo Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

While the title of the clip (uploaded to YouTube courtesy of a resident) simply reads ‘Car Accident’, there’s definitely more to the story. The RAM pickup, or Dodge RAM since it looks like an older model, was being chased by authorities, although the driver’s attempt to flee was ultimately thwarted by an unsuspecting citizen driving what appears to be a Honda CR-V.

Collateral damage

This has to be every officer’s nightmare when it comes to high-speed chases. Seeing the suspect floor the throttle in a residential area with cars parked on either side of the road is extremely worrisome, especially since in this case, the sidewalk happens to be really close.

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As it crosses the intersection, the RAM is rammed (pun intended) by the CR-V and begins veering sideways while maintaining its forward momentum. It then smashes into a parked Nissan pickup (which in turn hits another pickup) and also puts a serious dent in a white Mercedes. We can only assume that the Dodge went on to hit a whole bunch of other vehicles, unless there weren’t any more beyond that point.

In the end, a Police cruiser in the form of a Ford Explorer can be seen driving around the damaged Honda and make its way towards the suspect – which we hope was apprehended.


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