How Would You Configure Your Grand-Touring, $210,000 McLaren GT?

McLaren’s online configurator is one of the most fun to play with—one, because it looks fancy, and two, because of the abundance of paint options that includes more than the usual silver, darker silver, other silver, gray, white, pearlescent white and black. Now, we get to try them all out on the new McLaren GT.

McLaren debuted its new, comfort-oriented grand tourer, which conveniently and officially goes by the name of “GT,” on Wednesday, with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 that makes a claimed 612 brake horsepower, a planned starting delivery date of late 2019, storage space, and a base price of $210,000. The web folks didn’t take long to get the configurator up, either, for both the people who can afford the GT and those who just want to dream (most of us).

Image: McLaren

Configurators like this one are always a reminder, too, of how fun car designing is when you enter the “astronomically expensive” realm.

Instead of the roughly six lame paint choices that come on our commoner vehicle configurators—four of which are some shade of black, white or gray and the other two of which, maybe a red or a blue, cost extra—McLaren’s reminds us to “You do you, honey,” and pick any color we can dream of if we can afford the car. (That’s aside from bright green, unfortunately. Go talk to the Honda Civic Si, though.)

With that kind of freedom of choice, it’s hard to decide which one to go with—maybe a scheme centered around that burgundy, or the bronze, or the multiple shades of purple. But it’s hard to deny how good this thing looks in bright blue, with a black-and-white interior, carbon-ceramic brakes, privacy glass over that storage space, a sport exhaust, and carbon fiber everything, because who says you can’t opt for comfort and save weight at the same time?

Ah, that’s right. Money says so, if you want to opt for comfort and save weight in this way.

Image: McLaren
Image: McLaren

The configurator doesn’t even appear to cough up the final price with options once you’re done, which is probably a good thing. But if you had unlimited cash and a thing for grand-touring McLarens, how would you spec yours?

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