LaFerrari’s Antiques Will Have You Ask The Same Question As Its License Plate

Watching a LaFerrari speed through puddles and drift around on wet grass might be a bit strange at first, but we can’t help but commend the owner of this multi-million-dollar hypercar for daring to pull out those stands.

YouTube channel TheTFJJ had the opportunity to catch up with the owner of this LaFerrari that sports an awesome personalized license plate reading ‘WTF1’. Their identity is undisclosed, but they clearly do not mind getting their ride a bit lot dirty.

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Faced with a wet day in the UK, the LaFerrari driver could have easily decided to keep the hypercar garaged and away from any water or dirt – which we suspect that this is what the vast majority of the rest would do. However, he instead decided to bring out the car despite the weather and made the most of it by doing some donuts on the soaked grass and even accelerated through a fairly deep puddle in the car.

While it may be a little weird to see a sizeable fortune on four wheels do those things, the owner really isn’t doing any harm to the car and spinning around on grass puts a lot less stress on the car than doing burnouts on tarmac would. Sure, he does keep the vehicle’s 6.3-liter V12 screaming at high revs for quite some time, but that’s what Maranello’s twelve-cylinders are really made for, right?


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