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Gloomhaven, MacBook Pros, Eddie Bauer, Dog Food, and More

, Gloomhaven, MacBook Pros, Eddie Bauer, Dog Food, and More
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An Indochino exclusive, Casper Gold Box, Harry Potter, and Japanese sunscreen lead off Thursday’s best deals.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

We occasionally see deals on individual Sonos refurbished products, but we’ve never seen a refurb sale like this.

For a limited time, you can grab a Sonos Play:1 for $119, a Sonos One with Alexa and Google Assistant for $139, a Play:5 for $399, a Playbar for $549, and a Sonos Sub for $549.

Note: If one color is showing up as out of stock, try the other.

The $119 Play:1 is the refurb deal we’re most used to seeing (though it’s been quite some time), but the others are extremely rare. Savings compared to buying them new range from $30 to $150, and you get the same one year warranty, free shipping, and free returns that you’d get with brand new speakers. So whether you’re starting your Sonos setup, or adding to the family, you’ll want to grab these before they’re gone.

If you want to save money on one of Apple’s 2018 MacBooks Pros, Amazon’s got a few refurbished units for hundreds of dollars off.

There are ostensibly two models featured in this sale, in silver and space gray. Both 13″ models use Intel Core i5 processors and 8GB DDR3. But the more expensive one will have 512GB of storage, v.s. the 256GB of the other.

And, yes, these are the ones that may have less-than-stellar keyboards and that pesky touchbar. But if you’re okay with a refurb and want to save money, this is your shot. Amazon says these refurbs work and look “like new” and comes with a 90-day warranty.

These aren’t Sony’s best noise canceling Bluetooth headphones—that honor goes to the $348 WH1000XM3s—but these wireless over-ears are still a fantastic deal for $55 refurbished, or $90 less than buying them new.

The WH-CH700Ns run for up to 30 hours in wireless noise canceling mode, or you can plug them in with a 3.5mm cord to extend that to 50 hours. If you travel a lot, or just work in a noisy office environment, this is a.. sound investment.

If you own a bunch of Apple devices, you know that you can never have enough Lightning cables. This one from Aukey is 6′ long, nylon braided, and a 24 month warranty. Not bad for $5.

To get the deal, you’ll need to clip the $2 coupon on the product page, and then add promo code WKX3ZTCR at checkout to stack on an extra $2.50 in savings.

Our readers have bought thousands of Aukey’s nylon braided right angle Lightning cables, and now, you can do the same for USB-C. Get a pair of these unique, 6.6′ long cables for just $12 with promo code NGXRR3X7, or a pack of two 3′ cables for $10 with the same code.

Note: These being USB A-to-C cables, they don’t support Power Delivery charging speeds.

If you’re fortunate enough to have access to fiber internet, but for some reason haven’t made the switch from cable yet, Verizon Fios is offering some pretty tempting extra incentives, for a limited time.

If you sign up for the 300mbps up/300mbps down plan, you’ll get a two year price guarantee at $60/month (not the same as a contract, you can cancel any time), up to $500 to cover an early termination fee from your current provider, and a $100 prepaid Visa card.

But the better deal, in my opinion is the 940/880 plan. You’ll pay $80/month for dramatically faster speeds—not that 300/300 is slow, by any means—and that price is locked in for three years. You’ll also get a free wireless router rental if you need one, the same $500 ETF payoff, and a $200 prepaid Visa card.

These prepaid Visa cards are only available through June 5, and obviously, Fios isn’t available everywhere, but it doesn’t hurt to check!

Haven’t you heard? Your cell phone is disgusting. I mean, it’s absolutely covered in germs — in fact, it’s home to 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom, if you believe the makers of PhoneSoap (I do). Luckily, the PhoneSoap 3 exists to zap 99.9% of those bacteria into oblivion, and today only, it’s just $35 on Woot.

Just stick any phone, or any other thing that needs cleaning, in the case, where a UV light bulb and reflective interior sanitizes your entire device. Plus, it features two charging ports, so your phone can power up while it gets cleaned off. The whole process takes only 10 minutes, but the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your phone isn’t carrying a deadly disease is everlasting.

Today’s Best Home Deals

Today only, Amazon’s running big discounts on the iconic Casper mattresses and sheets; much larger than you’d ever see on Casper’s own website. The queen mattress is down to $738, or over $250 off, and other sizes have similarly sizable discounts. You’ll also get the same 10 year warranty and 100 night trial period that you’d enjoy if you bought from Casper directly.

Note: If you’re also interested in other accessories like bed frames, duvets, and pillows, you may come out ahead with Casper’s sitewide sale, which takes 10% off your entire order when you purchase a mattress.

Some days, you just need to make a mug of coffee and get going. Others, you need a full pot. Luckily, this $37 Hamilton Beach can do both.

Today’s deal, about $10-$20 less than usual, is part of Amazon’s Gold Box and will only last until the end of the day, or until sold out.

Look, we all have our ways to handle a hangover. In our youth, it used to be greasy food and Gatorade. Now, the only way to survive a hangover is Pedialyte. If you’re a veteran Pedialyte drinker or new to the game, you’re going to want to get in on this deal. You can get $3 off if you clip the coupon on Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, 18 pack, in cherry, orange, and grape.

I swear, I invented the concept of the utensil rest in my head, thinking I was going to be a Shark Tank millionaire, before I realized that they already exist.

Once I discovered and bought one of these Tomorrow’s Kitchen utensil rests, I had this to say on The Inventory:

Tomorrow’s Kitchen’s silicone utensil rest is literally just a slab of silicone with some molded grooves on top. You lay your utensils in the grooves, and all the grease and grime and E. coli-ridden raw meat juice drips onto the surface, and that’s where it stays. It doesn’t bleed through to dirty up your cooking surface, or lead to an outbreak of crippling diarrhea because you ate a potato chip off the counter two days later after it landed in a colony of salmonella because you used a dang paper towel to hold your utensils. “Bet you regret not buying a utensil rest!” I yell to nobody in particular, as you enter hour number three on the toilet.

It couldn’t be a simpler device, but it’ll make cooking so much less messy, and you can throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done. Get the gray one for $7, or the puke green for $6.

So, what doesn’t Amazon sell? You can buy literally everything you think of on Amazon. Now, you don’t have to go to the store to pick up dog food. In promotion of their new dog food brand, Wag, and the movie Secret Life of Pets 2, Amazon is offering 40% off your first order of a trial-size of Wag Dry Food. You can choose from turkey and lentil, beef and lentil with wild boar, salmon and lentil, lamb and lentil, or a multipack.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Update: The $349 premium suit deal is still available with promo code KINJA19, but now, you can also choose from these seasonal suits for just $299 with the same promo code. The premium suits feature more durable fabrics, but they’ll all look great.

Custom tailored suits aren’t just for Very Important Business People with Super Platinum Medallion status and briefcases that cost more than your rent. At Indochino’s prices, custom suiting is attainable for all, and that’s especially true with our exclusive sale. 

You can grab any of the premium suits from this page for just $349, or any of these seasonal suits for just $299, with promo code KINJA19. The premium suits typically cost $389-$399, and feature more durable fabrics than Indochino’s seasonal offerings, but whatever suit you buy, all of your customizations, alterations, and shipping are included in the price. Options range from simple, versatile navy and gray options to brighter blues and even a burgundy suit, so you can definitely find something that will fill a niche in your closet.

For more details on how the tailoring and customization process works, head over to this post.

You know Hydro Flask for its bottles and drinkware, but they also make some damn good coolers, and select colors are 25% off today, just in time for summer.

This deal applies both to the 24L cooler tote and the 22L cooler backpack, and you can add on free shipping with promo code FASTSHIP19. Both will keep ice frozen for 48 hours, feature lightweight construction, and will never leak thanks to YKK Aquaseal zippers.

Nordstrom has three large sales each year: The Anniversary Sale, and two Half-Yearly Sales. And since we’re sort of, almost halfway through the year, Nordstrom is taking up to 50% off a boatload of styles for men, women, and kids.

Brands as disparate as Cole Haan, Gucci, Madewell, and Nike are all included in the sale, so it’ll take time to look through all the stuff. Good thing we’ve got a nice long weekend coming up.

There’s no such thing as too many totes — especially when the totes are super high quality, like the Longchamp ones currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack. Longchamp is famous for their rainbow of nylon carryalls, but they also have similarly bold-hued wallets, backpacks, satchels, which are sure to sell out quickly. We recommend filling your cart with bags ASAP.

If you’re ever planning to head outdoors this season, L.L.Bean is what you want to be wearing when you do it. The outdoorsy brand is taking 20% off your order with promo code SUMMER. This deal seems to apply to both full-price and on-sale items, excluding non-L.L.Bean brands. So now’s the time to stockpile Bean Boots, Wicked Good Slippers, and whatever other gear your closets can hold.

Does your skin turn a nice tomato red after only five minutes of sun exposure? You better stock up on some sunscreen now before you’re assaulted by UV rays all summer long. Thankfully, a cult-favorite Japanese sunscreen is currently on sale.

You can get an extra large bottle (1.7x the normal size) of Biore UV Watery Essence for $13 on Amazon right now, or a regular sized bottle for $9. The larger bottle is a better price per ounce, but they’re both really good deals compared to their normal price points. The 50 SPF sunscreen is pretty literal to its name and is said to feel like water when applied to your skin.

Here’s what Shep McAllister had to say about it on The Inventory:

As far as sunscreen goes, the only thing I really knew about it was that I didn’t like it, and given the option, I would usually just opt to stay indoors until the UV index fell to around 3 or 4, or until someone invented a sunscreen pill, whichever came first.

That all changed when my wife introduced me to Biore Watery Essence sunscreen. It’s SPF 50 (the bare minimum for my needs, thank you very much), waterproof for 80 minutes, and feels like rubbing water on your skin. Cool to the touch, it rubs in effortlessly, and doesn’t come with the unpleasant smell or zincy stickiness of pretty much every other sunscreen I’ve used. About two minutes after putting it on, I’ve usually completely forgotten about it, which is a compliment of the highest order.

Bar soap is, in my opinion, nasty. And that was true even before BuzzFeed did… this to it.

But still, many people who I otherwise respect and admire still seem to prefer it over body wash or Dr. Bronner’s, so I’m duty-bound as a deals blogger to report that you can get 20 bars of Dove Men+Care Face and Body for $14 on Amazon today, down from the usual $23. We aren’t sure how long this deal will be around, so don’t let it slip away.

Well isn’t this lucky: Bohemian-cool retailer Lucky Brand is offering up a sitewide sale just in time for summer: Everything from the retailer is 40% off thanks to the brand’s Big Weekend Sale. So take advantage of this blowout to add to your supply of good jeans, vintage-y tees, shoes, and plenty of other summer styles. Don’t press your luck by waiting too long, though; this sale will be over by tomorrow.

Guys, it’s time to stock up on new styles for summer from Perry Ellis’ Memorial Day Sale. Right now, everything on their site—from suits to casuals tees and pants—are 40% off, and you can snag an extra 15% off with promo code AFFILIATE15 for a total of 55% off savings. Don’t forget to throw in code FREESHIPPING to snag free shipping (the codes should stack). You look more stylish already.

Even if you don’t have wrinkles yet, it is never too early to start using wrinkle cream. Many professionals believe that moisturizer is one of the most important steps in skincare. Wrinkle creams are meant to target fine lines and help moisturize for softer, smoother-looking skin.

Eucerin is a popular brand for hand and body cream, but they also sell face creams. Right now, you can get the Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream for $7 when you clip the 25% off coupon on your first order.

Everyone is worried about mosquitos already, and while they’re annoying, don’t forget about flies. Deer and horse flies bite and those can be even more painful and itchy than mosquito bites. Don’t let flies ruin your summer, get this RESCUE Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap for only $5 right now. You can even get a two pack for only $9, which is an absolute steal.

If you’re thinking of going outside anytime soon, this Eddie Bauer sale will serve you well. The outdoor retailer is taking 50% off everything on their site (excluding tents, sleeping bags, and non-Eddie Bauer brand products) for their Memorial Day Sale with promo code TRAIL50. So stock up on all the gear and apparel you need for the rest season (or future seasons) before these hot deals cool down.

Don’t let this deal catch you off balance: The sneaker purveyors over at New Balance are taking 20% off sitewide for myNB Rewards Members (it’s free to join). Not to mention, you’ll automatically get free shipping on your order, no promo code necessary. But it’s a sprint, not a marathon; this sale will only last through the long weekend, so hurry up and snag your new sneakers.

Today’s Best Media Deals

In case you missed the same deal on May 2nd (better known to non-muggles as the Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts), the complete 4K Harry Potter box set is back on sale for $106.

Sure, if you’re a Potterhead, you might have some old DVDs and even VHS tapes hanging around, but it is time to toss those out. My copy of Chamber of Secrets is so worn out, poor Dobby starts to cut in and out as soon as he bangs his head with the lamp.

Amazon has the entire Harry Potter Collection available for $106. That is eight feature-length films, plus all of the bonus material, in beautiful 4K Ulta HD + Blu-Ray + Digital. If those words don’t really register for you, it means you can see every beautiful strand of Draco Malfoy’s blonde hair in perfect detail. Don’t look too closely at Harry’s eyes, they’re not actually like his mothers in the movies.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster on the Nintendo Switch is down to $40 today. This is one of the rare discounts we’ve seen on this particular title and an all-time low. You’ll get about 100 hours of RPG action with this bundle, and that’s pretty amazing for the price. Plus, those hundred hours are pretty sweet.

I realize that you’re not used to paying $93 for a board game, but you should make an exception for Gloomhaven. It’s Board Game Geek’s #1 board game ever, and is “astoundingly good” according to Ars Technica. Hell, it weighs 20 pounds! It was also a finalist in our recent board game Co-Op on The Inventory. If you love board games, this should be on your bucket list.

The days of the game being consistently out of stock online seem to be over (knock on wood), but even so, $93 is the best price Amazon’s ever listed, so if you’re in the market for a summer-long tabletop campaign, it’s time to pull the trigger.

The game includes permanent stickers that transform the board as you play, but you can grab this removable, vinyl sticker pack instead, if you want to replay.





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Deals You May Have Missed

Shopping for a mechanical keyboard is tough. It’s difficult to grasp exactly what “clickiness” you’re into when all you have is a description on a website. That’s where the Griarrac Cherry MX Switch Tester comes in handy.

This nifty $15 tool gives you a tactile understanding of what it feels like to press on each Cherry MX switch. This purchase would ultimately remove the guess work from shopping for a keyboard, but when some mechanical models cost upwards of $150 it’s a worthy investment. (Hell, it might even help you decide which of our reader’s picks you should buy.)

It doubles as a weird fidget toy, too, if that’s your thing. But you’ll find plenty of use for this, if you’re the type to evangelize mechanical keyboards—I know I am.

The Apple Watch as a product line may have had a rocky launch, but its latest iteration, the Series 4, is a seriously impressive leap forward. So whether you’re finally upgrading your original model, or even getting your very first wearable, it’s the one you should buy, especially on sale.

For a limited time, Amazon’s got both the 40mm and 44mm GPS versions marked down by $50, with your choice, in a few different color/band combos. The rubbery sports band looks surprisingly nice in person, while the Sport Loop is like a very high quality velcro. These discounts are taken at checkout, and you should see the coupon that will be applied on the product page. You should be looking for models that will cost $350 (40mm) or $380 (44mm) to get the best deal.

If you want to go high end, you can also save $70 on a few stainless steel models with GPS and cellular connectivity. Look for the $629 (40mm) and $679 options (44mm).

Micromobility is the buzzword of the moment, and it’s true that in certain areas, single-person, electric-assisted transportation makes a ton of sense. But you don’t have to line the pockets of yet another Silicon Valley oligarch every time you want to rent an electric scooter or bike; you can just buy one upfront, and ride it wherever and whenever you’d like.

Today at Walmart, Hyper’s E-Ride city and mountain bikes are both on sale for $598. Aside from the different shape and tires, they can both scoot along at up to 20 mph for up to 20 miles on a charge, and of course, there are always pedals you can use as well.

This isn’t the only charging cube on the market, but it might just be the most clever.

Bestek’s Power Cube includes a dock that you can attach to any surface with screws or a an included 3M sticky pad. The cube then clicks into the dock, and release as necessary if you want to move it around or get easier access to it to plug something in. Other cubes are designed to mount under your desk in this way, but once they’re attached, they’re attached. This seems like a much smarter solution.

On the cube itself, you get three AC outlets, three USB ports, and even a USB-C port, though it’s limited to 15W of output, so it won’t be very useful for things like laptops. But hey, that’s what the AC outlets are for.

Get it for $20 with promo code BYVSYTTU.

Once you own a phone with wireless charging, you quickly realize that you can never have enough Qi charging pads.

This 10W wireless stand from Anker can charge your phone while propping it up in either portrait or landscape mode, and while the obvious use case here is to put it on your desk at work, I have another suggestion: use it to hold up your phone in the kitchen while you have your recipe app open!

It’s priced at $17 right now, but promo code KJANKER1 will bring it down to under $14.

iOttie is best known for its smartphone car cradles, but they also make some of the best magnetic phone mounts on the road, and you can save on three different options today.

Whether you want to mount your phone on your dash, in front of your long-dormant CD slot, or in front of a vent, all you have to do is tap it into place. Just note that the dashboard and CD slot mounts are from iOttie’s iTap 2 line, with sturdier magnets, whereas the vent mount is one of iOttie’s original iTaps.

People who design giant power plugs that block multiple outlets should be jailed. But until that happens, this power strip is kind enough to space out its six outlets to accommodate those oversized plugs, and it’s only $16 today with promo code RJWW2VZ8. It even has four USB ports for your mobile devices, making it particularly great for a desk.

Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is a revelation for the specific (but I think quite large!) subset of people who:

1) Use Alexa timers in the kitchen with some regularity.


2) Don’t have an Echo Show with a screen built in.

Just pop in some batteries, hang the clock, and a ring of LEDs will automatically count down the minutes and final 60 seconds of any timer you set with your voice. It’s elegant, seamless, and I can’t stand how much I love the thing.

It came out late last year for $30, but it just got its first discount ever, down to $25. The clock is ticking on this deal though, so don’t waste any time.

I bet you didn’t wake up today thinking that you were going to buy a sawhorse, but sometimes, life comes at you fast.

This two-pack of AmazonBasics sawhorses (yes, Amazon makes sawhorses, what of it?) can hold 900 pounds between them, and at $25, they’re cheaper than the model that can only hold 500 pounds. Even if you don’t do much sawing, you can use them to build your own desk or work table.

Whether you need to steam rice, fry up a chicken, or whip up an Instant Pot recipe, this Ninja Foodi XL Multi-Cooker can get the job done.

This pressure cooker, steamer and air fryer stand-in is an absolute unit, but deservedly so, considering it’s doing the work of three different appliances. And for those with a large kitchen space and a bunch of people to feed, this one’s 8qt. capacity makes making large batches of food easily.

Better still, it packs a dehydrate setting which can help you make your own jerky or dried fruit.

Right now, this XL model is at it’s lowest price ever, or about $70 less than usual. Of course, this is a Gold Box deal, so the discount will only stick around until the end of the day, or when until it’s sold out.

Here’s your no-brainer deal of the day. If you visit this page and enter your email, Grove Collaborative will give you $30 worth of Grove and Mrs. Meyer’s products for free when you spend $20 on anything else on the site. I was also given a free glass spray bottle and concentrated cleaner, for seemingly no reason at all.

After you enter your email, you’ll automatically be taken to a cart with more than $20 worth of popular items already added, but you can delete those and replace them with anything you’d like. Grove’s well stocked with laundry supplies, cleaning gear, pet products, personal care, and even baby items…you know, stuff that you have to buy anyway. So you might as well get a bunch of Mrs. Meyer’s stuff for free.

Note: The offer will also give you 60 days of Grove’s VIP free shipping membership for free, which will auto-renew at a rate of $20 per year, but you can cancel the auto-renew immediately after ordering.

After a relaxing shower, the last thing you want is to step onto a gross bath mat. If your mat has seen better days, it is time to swap it out for a luxurious memory foam mat for peak comfort. Right now, the LOCHAS Extra Thick Memory Foam Absorbent Bath Mat is 30% off your first order when you clip the coupon. It is water absorbent, so no matter how much water you dredge out of the shower with you, it will always dry fast.

As the temperatures get warmer, that means you’ll be spending more time outside. Whether you’re spending the day at the beach, pool, or watching your kids play sports, you’re going to want to stay hydrated. The Igloo Sports Beverage Cooler with Chain Links is $8 and hooks onto anything from chairs, fences, and little wagons. The 64 oz. cooler is fully insulated, so you don’t have to worry about drinking warm water after watching six hours of soccer on a Saturday.

Ranging in price from $95 to upwards of $150, Glerups are certainly a splurge, but that didn’t stop them from being swiftly selected as our readers’ favorite slipper a while back. If you’ve been considering picking up a pair for yourself since that fateful Co-op, the wait has been worth it. Right now at Huckberry, both the closed-back shoe and boot styles are on sale for $49 and $93, respectively, for a camp sole, and $57 or $75, respectively, for a calfskin sole. (The discount is shown in cart.) Those are some crazy good prices.

The rubber camp soles on these wooly slippers mean you won’t have to change shoes if you want to run outside to pick up the paper or grab the mail, or heck, just wear ’em out. No one would blame you; Glerups are just that comfortable. Meanwhile, the super soft calfskin sole makes for some top-notch lounging. Be sure to pick up your pair ASAP; sizes are already selling out.

If you’re getting ready for a trip this summer, don’t wait until the last minute to make sure your luggage is up to par. If you’ve been lugging the same suitcase on every trip for the last 10 years, it is probably time to say goodbye. Right now, you can get up to 55% off AmazonBasics Luggage and Travel. So, not only can get you two a two-piece softside luggage set for only $63, but you can also choose from a variety of different umbrella colors between $12 and $14.

I know it’s obvious, but it needs to be said: Greats are great casual sneakers, and now, you can get a pair for a great deal. The relatively new, Brooklyn-based brand with the Italian-based leather is taking 20% off their whole site for Memorial Day with promo code SUNNY20, which is really good considering most of their sneaks aren’t cheap. They are, however, worth their price.

Their classic-looking, leather-swathed Royale is made in Italy; we previously dubbed the style one of our favorite white sneakers. And, speaking from experience, they look great in not-white, too.

At the intersection of “cute” and “comfortable,” you will find Clarks. And right now, the footwear brand is kicking off their Memorial Day Sale with an extra 25% off all sale items with promo code EXTRA25. Treat your feet to new sandals, loafers, slip-ons, and more from this shoo-in of a deal before it’s out for the summer.

Is the sun’s glare getting in your eyes, or are those really Oliver Peoples sunglasses for less than $100? We recently named the brand as our top summer sunglasses splurge, and now, you can get a pair of your own for much, much less money than usual at HauteLook. Also included in this promotion is another of our favorites: Persol. Shop either of these designer brands now, and look cool as the sun starts to heat things up.

Even if you diligently brush twice a day and floss every night, your teeth might not be as white as you’d like. Crest’s 3D Whitestrips really do get the job done though, and you can grab a box with seven 1-hour express treatments for $26 today, the best price Amazon’s ever listed (though we have seen better overall deals with coupons).

Choose What You Pay, Men and Women | Everlane
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Everlane’s Choose What You Pay section (which, for the unindoctrinated, allows shoppers to choose from three different, discounted price points for an item) is always a good source of savings on some of the brand’s coveted, stylish basics, but it’s usually pretty limited. That is, until now.

Everlane has flooded their Choose What You Pay sections for both men and women with a ton of new overstocked inventory, including a selection of coveted Everlane denim and shoes for the ladies and a range of chinos for guys. This is likely the last you’ll see of these styles, so take your pick before they sell out, as many of Everlane’s offerings are wont to do.

We all love to hate Crocs, but guess what! Those lightweight, hole-y, rubber-y slides are cool now, thanks to the always groundbreaking runway scene and one Post Malone. And you too can be hip to the trend thanks to Crocs’ Memorial Day Sale. All the shoes on site are 30% off, and in case you haven’t noticed, Crocs also makes other shoes that barely even look like Crocs. So go ahead and stock up on Crocs, because fashun.

Does your pet seem to empty their water dish multiple times a day? Sometimes pets can get a little too excited when drinking water and they get more of it on the floor than in their mouth. If you have a hard time keeping up with your pet’s water habits, you can get the MOSPRO Pet Fountain Water Dispenser for a couple of bucks off. The fountain has its own filtration system, so if your pet gets their food and fur into their dish, you won’t have to worry about them drinking dirty water. The fountain has a 2L capacity and can be left for 30 days, though MOSPRO suggests changing the water every four to five days for your pet’s health.

If you’re on the market for pet beds, you’re in luck because Amazon is having a big sale on beds, mats, and houses. Right now, you can shop the AmazonBasics Pet Products sale to get a cat house for under $15, mats for only $7, and foam pet beds for just over $30.

What better way to get ready for exercise-friendly summer weather than an extra 30% off Under Armour’s already affordable sale section? Pick up at least $100 worth of workout shirts, sweats, leggings, shoes, and more, and use promo code MAY30 at checkout to stack on the savings. If you do nothing else with this sale, at least replace your old underwear with Boxerjocks.

This Tiny Arcade arcade Ms. Pac-Man game is no less cute than when it came out a couple of years ago, but it is a fair bit cheaper at just $10. I got a few of these Tiny Arcades as a gift awhile back, and how when they aren’t out on my desk, they’re the coolest ornaments on my Christmas tree.

The Ms. Pac-Man “cabinet” has the full, playable version of of the original arcade game, with real (tiny) buttons and joy sticks, and even authentic audio.

Anker’s original SoundCore has long been one of our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth speakers, and today you can save on the bigger, louder SoundCore Boost.

While the original sounds great with dual 6W drivers, the Boost upgrades you to dual 10W drivers, so it should be loud enough to fill a large room, even during a party. The biggest difference though will be on the low end, with dual subwoofers and a “Boost” button that instantly boosts your bass. A speaker this small probably isn’t going to rattle your floor, but the sound will be a lot fuller than you’d expect from a portable speaker.

Unfortunately, this does come at the expense of battery life; the Boost gets 12 hours on a charge compared to the SoundCore’s 24. That’s still pretty impressive though, especially since it’s barely any larger than the original. It’s also IPX5 water resistant, so it can take a splash.

Today’s $56 list price is already $24 less than the usual $80, and promo code KINJAA3145 will save you an extra $6 on top of that. Needless to say, that’s the best deal we’ve ever seen.

If Amazon’s recent acquisition of eero didn’t scare you off the pioneer in mesh networking, the retailer is celebrating its new networking play-thing with big discounts across the board, for a limited time.

Get a an eero and an eero Beacon (which plugs straight into the wall and doubles as a night light) for $239 (a $60 discount), an eero and two beacons for $319 (an $80 discount), or for the largest and most densely constructed houses, three full eero routers for $399 (a $100 discount). To be clear, If you live in a one bedroom apartment, you don’t need any of these, but if you find that a single router doesn’t get you a reliable Wi-Fi signal in every part of your house, mesh systems like these are a godsend.

Anker just keeps on iterating on its true wireless earbuds, and now, you can get the new Soundcore Liberty Neos for an all-time low $45, down from the usual $60-$65.

As Anker’s new budget true wireless buds, there aren’t too many bells and whistles here, save for the ability for both earbuds to operate independently (many true wireless earbuds have one bud pair to the other, rather than both pairing to your phone), and Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures a rock solid connection from a longer distance.

The earbuds claim to last for 3.5 hours on a charge, and the charging case includes 12 hours worth of battery life too for longer sessions. That’s not as much as some of Anker’s more expensive models, but honestly, it’s enough for most situations.

If your house needs some sprucing up before summer, look no further than Wayfair’s Memorial Day Clearance sale. Right now, you can save up to 70% on tons of home items, including patio furniture, mattresses, major appliances, backyard play sets, and more. Order now, and your home is officially barbecue-ready before the long weekend hits.

Summer is right around the corner. While we’re excited about warm weather, we’re not ready to be eaten alive by mosquitos for three months straight. They aren’t the only bugs that crawl out of their hell holes to feast upon our blood during the summer.

If you’re constantly finding bug bites all over your body after spending five minutes outside, grab a bottle of 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellant Lotion while it is on sale for a few bucks off. It not only repels mosquitos but also ticks, biting flies, chiggers, gnats, fleas, and deer flies.

Did that Twitter thread about how many towels you need in your house totally blow your mind? The general consensus was you can never own too many towels. If you’re in desperate need of restocking your linen closet, you’ll want to shop the AmazonBasics Bath Products Sale, while some items are up to 67% off.

When it comes to hand towels, you truly can go overboard when buying them. Hand towels in your bathroom and kitchen are often teeming with bacteria, so honestly, you should toss out any towels you’ve had for years and years. You can get a 6-pack of gray towels for only $8.

Update: Couldn’t find your perfect fit? Hit up Nordstrom Rack, which happens to be having a trio of flash sales on Converse for men, women, and kids right now. Converse for all!

There’s never been a better time to upgrade that old pair of Chucks. Converse is taking 30% off sitewide with promo code THIRTY, so get brand new pair of classic sneakers and then proceed to wear them out until they’re literally falling apart at the seams, as one does. This sale will only last through tomorrow, so be sure to tie up the deal before it walks out for good.

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, and if you need more than one pair—or a man, woman, or child in your life needs a pair, too—this deal is for you. Right now at Levi’s, you can take 30% off sitewide with code FUNSUN, hence why it’s a good time to stock up. The promo applies to regular-priced and sale styles for men, women, and kids, so truly everyone can dive into some new, discounted denim.

David Archy sells some of the most popular underwear and clothing basics on Amazon, and a number of them are on sale today, including several cuts of underwear in various materials, like breathable bamboo rayon, and ultra-soft micro modal. This isn’t a brand you see in stores, but I’ve bought several of their products on Amazon through the years, and they’ve all been excellent.

If you only get one thing, get this three-pack of bamboo-rayon boxer briefs for $23. Your privates will thank you.

Dry shampoo is an extremely useful hair innovation, but I’ll be honest, the smells of some dry shampoos are just way too overpowering for me. If you’d prefer a less perfume-y dry shampoo option, load up on these discounted ones from Klorane. In formulations with soothing oat milk or oil-absorbing nettle, tint or un-tinted, and even a non-aerosol version, this cult-favorite French product does all the work of an effective dry shampoo without trapping you in a cloud of sweet-smelling spray, and right now, canisters are just $10 at Ulta. I’ll be stocking up on my favorite Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, and I recommend you do the same.

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft basically created the Netflix of video games, and it’s a great deal at its usual $10 per month. But for a limited time, new subscribers can get their first three months for just one dollar.

Xbox Game Pass grants you access to newer releases like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves (which has gotten really good!), as well as classics like KOTOR and all of the Gears of War games. The only catch is that you’ll be auto-renewed at $30 per three months after your first three months is up, so remember to cancel if you don’t want to keep paying.

The Switch Pro controller isn’t just one of the best ways to control your Nintendo Switch, it might be one of the best gamepads ever made, period. If you have a Switch and still haven’t picked one up, $57 is about $12 less than usual.

If you’re thinking “but I have a pair of Joy-Con and the grip thing; what do I need this for,” know that I felt the same way for a long time. But when I finally caved and bought a Pro controller for a Super Smash get-together a few months ago, there was no turning back. It’s so much more comfortable to hold, and the buttons are so much bigger and nicer to press. I’m angry that I waited so long.

Yes, Game of Thrones is over, but there’s still a lot of TV you can watch on this discounted Samsung TV. I mean, have you even tried watching Barry? It’s so good—just like this $598 65″ 4K smart TV.

This model offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a mid-tier TV under $600, including 4K (2160p) UHD resolution, HDR, 120 Hz refresh rate, and internet connectivity.

This current price is about $80 off the regular going rate, so act fast before someone else takes what’s yours.

Between the privacy violations, the techno-fascism, and the ever-increasing indignities of gig-based capitalism, the future kind of sucks! But hey, at least we got a liquid cooled mattress out of it. Finally.

Here’s how it works:

The Pod features a series of fluid-filled channels running through the foam mattress, and a single hub that can cool the liquid to as low as 55 degrees, or heat it up to 115, and circulate different temperatures to both sides of the bed independently. If you like a cool mattress, and your partner prefers things warm and cozy, this seems like a complete solution where electric blankets only solve one person’s problem.

Of course, this being 2019, it also works with Alexa (“Alexa, cool down my bed”), tracks how much you’re tossing and turning, and can even gently wake you up in the morning by cooling down the mattress. You can skip all the smart features and just enjoy the Pod for its unique climate control options, but they’re there if you want them.

The Pod only came out last month, but now you can save $200 for Memorial Day, plus free in-home setup (a $200 value). It’s still an expensive mattress, let’s be clear (even on sale we’re talking over $1,900 for a queen), but there’s really nothing else quite like it on the market.

It’s not nearly as slick, but you can also achieve a similar cooling and heating effect with your existing mattress with ChiliPad, as we’ve covered here.

No matter what your skincare woes are, Murad has something that can help. And right now, two of their all-star kits for those with acne-prone and/or dull skin are marked way down. Snag the 5-piece Acne Control Value Kit (a $220 value) for just $40, or bring home the Environmental Shield Value Kit (a $303 value) for $72; the latter includes cult-favorite Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, which is normally $72 on its own, just FYI. That’s some serious savings on quality skincare, so shop now.

We’re big fans of Butcher Box’s meat-by-mail deliveries of grass-fed beef, heritage grade pork, and organic chicken, and if you sign up for a new account today, you’ll get everything you need to host a little barbecue thrown in for free.

Just order any box, and in addition to whatever you’d otherwise receive in your first box, you’ll also find an extra pack of baby back ribs, two NY strip steaks, and two pounds of ground beef. That’s a lot of free meat, and if you need help finishing it, feel free to invite me over.

Fire 7 Tablet | $50 | Amazon | Preorder to receive a $10 app credit
Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet—you know, the one you bought two Black Fridays ago because it was like thirty dollars—just got its first upgrade in years, while maintaining the same bargain basement $50 MSRP.

The new tablet features a faster processor, double the storage for the base model (16GB, vs. a paltry 8GB), support for microSD cards up to 512GB, and hands-free Alexa. Fundamentally, it’s still a cheap tablet that you can use to watch videos or play a few games—this isn’t an iPad Pro we’re talking about here—but that’s all most people tend to use their tablet for anyway.