EV West’s Pikes Peak Racer Is An Electric BMW M3 With Tesla Motors, 800 HP

This is a BMW M3 race car powered by electricity – and before raising your voice about it not being a real M car, it’s worth checking out the video right below.

This particular M3 comes from a company called EV West out of California and has been gitted with the electric motors from a Tesla and hooked up to a small 32 kWh battery pack. The car delivers approximately 800 HP and Fully Charger Show took it out for a spin on Californian roads.

By now, everyone knows that electric motors deliver all of their torque immediately. This means that this M3 can break traction at the rear at virtually any speed the very same moment you think about it. It may not produce an intoxicating exhaust note like ICE-powered M3s, but this modified example really could be considered as a modern-day hot rod with utterly addictive performance.

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As this is still an M3, it is much more than a simple straight-line warrior; it can take turns at high-speeds. and while electric vehicles are typically heavier than their ICE counterparts, this M3 only weighs 1,270 kg (2,799 lbs) and has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. It also lacks side and rear windows and features a fully stripped-out cabin as it is being prepped for the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb later this month in Colorado.

There’s no doubt that transforming an M3 into an EV is controversial, but the a. that’s the way things will pan out anyway, and b. the fact that this car is focused solely on performance means it gets our tick of approval.


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