Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti Isn’t Worth What He Paid for it Now

The Bugatti Veyron, once the world’s fastest car, remains popular among the world’s highest grossing celebrities. Jay-Z has one, and so do Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, and Xzibit, to name but a few. Tracy Morgan happily added himself to the list of Veyron owners just the other day but, 15 minutes into his Veyron experience, the pearl Grand Sport he’d just taken delivery of got sideswiped by a CR-V. The car lost $200,000 off its value that very second and Morgan lost his calm. And you thought your day was bad!

Remember when you last bought a new car last time? Not necessarily a brand new car, but one that was new for you and you were just ready to be its new custodian. Remember how you tentatively drove it home? And how you tried not to get the interior dirtied up and how you parked it away from everybody else so that there’s no danger of any oblivious simpleton with a rust bucket to park near you and carelessly scratch your car when opening his door as wide as it goes. Well, you probably never bought a Bugatti Veyron so imagine how Morgan must’ve felt when an SUV driver who was, apparently, on her phone, attempted to make a right turn from the left lane, completely missing the low-slung Veyron right next to it. You can’t? Well, I can’t either, and maybe that’s not a bad thing after all.

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