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1200 HP Cadillac Escalade Spins All Four Wheels With Ease

Did you think the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was fast? Well, it sure is – but this twin-turbocharged Cadillac Escalade makes it pale in comparison.

Know as the ‘LSXcalade’, this Caddy used to be driven daily by the current owner’s father, though it has since been turned into a performance animal. Initially, it was outfitted with an LSA supercharger, but since then, even more radical alterations have been made to ensure it is unlike any other.

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Powering this Escalade is a truly ridiculous 427-cubic-inch V8 fitted with aftermarket rods and pistons. The old LSA supercharger has been removed and in its place sits a pair of Precision 76 millimeter turbochargers which ensure the SUV pumps out 1200 hp. As you would imagine, all of this grunt is sent through the four wheels and the owner hopes to one day record a 9-second quarter mile in his Caddy.

What makes this Escalade particularly ridiculous is that despite rolling on drag radial tires at all four corners, it easily spins up the wheels and is an absolute hooligan. We’re not sure how drivable it would be on a daily basis but you don’t modify a Cadillac so comprehensively expecting it to be as comfortable and easy to drive on the street as a standard example.

The owner’s current best quarter-mile time sits at around the 10.30-second mark, roughly on par with cars like the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and McLaren 675LT. If the Escalade does eventually dip into the 9-second range, it will be roughly as accelerative as a McLaren 720S.


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