A day in the life of Britain’s exotic car transporters

I meet Lewis at seven o’clock sharp one weekday morning in the family’s truck compound at Brackley, a few miles from Silverstone. His father Paul, who founded Paul Grimshaw Vehicle Movements 12 years ago, is here, too, as is Steve, the company’s longest-serving driver. 

Paul and Steve are busy polishing one of the company’s Volvo trucks that today is towing a Rolfo Auriga Deluxe six-car, covered semi-trailer. Inside it are a customer’s McLaren Senna and 675LT, and his Porsche 911 GT2, all three collected yesterday from storage in the New Forest. In a few minutes, Steve and I will climb aboard the Volvo to take them to Silverstone for a trackday organised by Club GT Events, a company for those with the cars, the time and the cash to sample Europe’s best race tracks and driving roads

“I love trucks,” beams Paul, the Volvo now gleaming to his satisfaction. “I’m picking up the latest addition to the fleet next week: a new-generation Scania S650 V8. I can’t wait.”

Lewis may have come close to losing a couple of fingers, but twice Paul has come close to losing his life. He’s had two major strokes as a result of the stress associated with establishing a successful car transport business in just 12 years. 

, A day in the life of Britain’s exotic car transporters

“It’s been exhausting,” he says. “Trucks like this Volvo cost £320,000 each and they have to earn their keep. Right now, we’ve got two trucks in Sweden, two in Ukraine, one coming back from Geneva and another bringing two Mercedes Formula 1 cars from Germany.” 

The week before our visit, the company took nine Mercedes F1 cars to Silverstone for the launch of the team’s new season. Recently, it took cars for Porsche to the Arctic and Audis to Kiev for a TV commercial. 

Its trucks regularly travel to Maranello to collect new Ferraris for UK dealers. In between, it rounds up cars for auctions and exhibitions, and, as it does for companies such as GT Club Events, delivers cars for individual clients to most of Europe’s supercar playgrounds. 

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