Porsche To Have Naturally-Aspirated Engines And Stick Shifts For At Least Another Decade

Fans of naturally-aspirated engines and manual transmissions can rejoice in the knowledge that, Porsche intends on continuing to produce both for at least the next decade.

During the recent launch of the new Porsche Cayman GT4, Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger told Which Car that driving a naturally-aspirated car with a manual transmission is “like medicine” in defending the importance of such vehicles.

“I think we have an advantage in the market over the competition because everybody has skipped and deleted the atmospheric engine and deleted even the manual gearbox,” he said.

“That’s a mistake! Because if you look at the take rates on the GT model side, in some markets half of the cars are manual and everybody is longing for a car like this with a normally aspirated, high revving engine. It’s not an A-to-B means of transportation. It’s something you do for yourself, it’s something you do for pleasure and in that case it’s a healthy car, it’s like medicine because everybody is grinning and that’s healthy,” Preuninger added.

For what it’s worth, Porsche did (controversially) abandon the manual transmission in what is perhaps its most iconic GT model, the Porsche 911 GT3, back in the car’s 991-generation. However, the German car manufacturer learned from its mistake and soon brought it back.

Preuninger believes that Porsche’s GT models will exist harmoniously with other vehicles in the company’s range, most notably the all-electric Porsche Taycan. The duo may seem at odds with each other but the executive thinks it is important Porsche caters for all kinds of customers, from those that want electric vehicles through “to the hardcore enthusiasts as well.”


, Porsche To Have Naturally-Aspirated Engines And Stick Shifts For At Least Another Decade

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