Citroen Has Three New Quirky Sedans Coming In The Next Two Years

Citroen is going to launch three new sedan models in the next two years, and the first one with be an all-new C6 that will be unveiled in 2020.

The news were confirmed to Autocar by the company’s marketing director Arnaud Belloni, who hinted that the design of these new models will not follow the established conventions.

“It’s our belief that there’s still a place for the saloon,” said Belloni. “When you factor in our pledge that all our cars will have either electric or plug-in hybrid options from next year, and the platform changes that brings, you then consider the opportunities that delivers for us to innovate stylistically.”

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Citroen’s love affair with quirky sedans has been a long one and, despite the declining sales globally, the French car maker isn’t ready to give up on them just yet.

“The rise of the SUV cannot be undone, but that gives us room to reimagine the the purpose and look of the saloon,” he added. “I don’t wish to use the word ‘disruptive’, as that can be misinterpreted, but I promise the look of these cars will be very original. Not risky – we must sell cars – but they will carry on our tradition for looking at new ways to interpret segments.”

A new C6 has been on the cards for some time now, with the project launched by the Cxperience concept back in 2016. The production version of Citroen’s new flagship sedan is expected to be revealed at the 2020 Paris Motor Show.

The other two new will follow in 2021, with Belloni only saying that they’ll be the final production cars rather than a thinly-veiled concept. Citroen’s marketing director hinted that the focus of these new models will be the Chinese market, where demand for comfortable sedans still goes strong.

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