Jeep Gladiators And Other Models Wrecked In Nevada Train Derailment

Hundreds of vehicles are believed to have been damaged when more than 30 train cars derailed early Wednesday morning in a remote Nevada canyon near the Utah border.

KSL reports that the derailment occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning in Rainbow Canyon. No injuries were reported but approximately 33 train cars on a southbound Union Pacific train derailed.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said authorities are investigating the derailment but suggested the disaster may have been caused by huge temperature fluctuations between day and night in the area which could have buckled the rails.

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Images shared online by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office offer a glimpse of the carnage that occurred. Some vehicles were thrown from their carriages, including a number of brand new Jeep Gladiators. One particular photo shows a red Gladiator resting on its roof and many others with serious damage. Other vehicles damaged included many GMC pickup trucks and Chevrolet trucks.

Images available don’t show the full extent of the damages suffered to each and every car but it is likely that many of them will soon be sent to scrapyards, forcing owners to wait a little longer before they can take delivery of their new cars.

Things could have been much worse. According to Sheriff Lee, the train was also carrying hazardous materials, including some flammable chemicals but fortunately, these train cars did not derail. Authorities say it will likely be seven to 10 days before the entire area is cleared.

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