Take A Tour Around The Seductive De Tomaso P72 Supercar

The Goodwood Festival of Speed might be over but that doesn’t mean we got enough of De Tomaso’s new stunning creation, the P72.

The historic Italian marque has returned with the help of the people behind Apollo Automobili, and while everyone was expecting a modern take on the Pantera, De Tomaso went the other way and revealed the P72, a seductive supercar inspired by vintage racers and its own less known P70 prototype.

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Underneath the curvy bodywork lies the same carbon tub you’ll find in an Apollo IE, only modified in order to match the looks of the De Tomaso P72. And while the design has been generally praised, there has also been some criticism about the visual similarities of the P72 with one-off creations like the SCG P4/5.

The display car is powered by the same Ferrari-sourced V12 the Apollo IE uses but De Tomaso was keen to not confirm its use on the actual production version of the P72, keeping the technical details a secret for now. It might be a V12 but it also might be a V8.

What we do know is that the finished De Tomaso P72 will come with a manual transmission, complete with a lovely exposed-linkage lever that looks more like something you’d find in a jewellery. In fact the whole interior looks like a pretty special place to sit in, filled with beautiful details in polished copper and of course the finest leather.

NM2255 gives us a detailed tour inside and out of the De Tomaso P72 show car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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