Bow Down to Your V10 Lord of Natural Aspiration

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I’m not fooled. Not one bit. I know the 2020 Lamborghini Huracán Evo is packed from pointy nose to upward-slanting tail with a bunch of technological gizmos that make it faster around the track than ever. But in an age of turbocharged and even hybrid everything, this car is still decidedly old school. And that’s what I love about it.

I tend to think of the supercar narrative as having an intense push and pull motion. On one end there are designers and engineers who work fanatically, pushing the envelope of what’s dynamically possible in their cars. A year when I think we’ve reached the pinnacle of speed and performance is another year that I’m proven wrong.

On the other, there’s also a pulling away from what was and what used to be.

(Full disclosure: Lamborghini flew me out to Los Angeles to drive its new car. The company put me up in a swanky Santa Monica hotel and fed me continuously. Then it bused me out to Big Willow, which it had rented out for us that day. Then it helicoptered us back to Santa Monica. Fancy Kristen was pleased. Regular Kristen was slightly air sick.)

That pulling away, that departure, is where a sense of profound anxiety and obsession over what is being left behind stems from. Behind the wheel of the Evo, that sense is more tangible than ever.


It’s 2019 and the amount of naturally aspirated, mid-engined supercars can be counted easily on one hand. Two of them even come from the same automaker and one of those shares an engine with the third. And the last is the relatively late arrival to the scene, the mid-engined Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

We find ourselves in an age that relies more and more heavily on electrification and other technological wizardry to create cars faster and more efficient than ever before. It’s an age the Huracán Evo currently resides in, but rather than give itself over to it wholly, the car appears to be a duality, straddling both this current era and the one that preceded it.

Just 15 years ago, the Evo’s recipe might not have earned it any extra-ordinary emphasis. But the fact that it still exists in today’s climate of hybridization and turbocharging, it stands out.

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