The BMW E34 M5 Is Weirder Than You Remember

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The E34 BMW M5 of the ’80s and ’90s, with its husky body and four round headlights, still gets dismissed as an also-ran between the classic O.G. E28 M5 and perennial enthusiast-favorite E39 M5. After a quick blast in one of these rad sedans, I decided it’s worth revisiting.

But not necessarily for how it drives.

(Full Disclosure: I begged my friend Jay Kavanagh to let me drive his 1991 E34 M5 before he went to sell it. Well, he listed it, and was kind enough to let me take a spin.) 

This 300-plus horsepower Autobahn assault vehicle is the last hand-built M car; “Peak Great BMWaccording to our Editor-In-Chief Patrick George. It’s also a star of the greatest Hollywood chase ever filmed.

Ronin smokes Bullitt any day of the week; I will not be responding to counterarguments on the matter. Don’t @-me.

Tire-screeching fantasies aside, the conservative styling of E34 M5 and the M1 race car pedigree of its engine make it a quintessential badass businessmobile–unassuming on the outside, exciting in the driver’s seat.

At least, if you dance on the gas pedal enough to keep the tachometer near the top of the rev range.

An Engine With Cool Cousins

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