Detroit Rock (Hard) City: Motorcycle Gets Stuck In Wet Concrete

Road construction signs are there for a reason and it appears one motorcyclist in Detroit learned that the hard way.

While details are limited, someone managed to catch a video of a motorcycle caught in wet concrete. As you can see, the bike’s rear tire is halfway submerged and a large section of the motorcycle is covered in concrete.

Unsurprisingly, the rider isn’t thrilled as he can been seen walking away, stomping his feet and flailing his arms. This is undoubtedly an attempt to get the concrete off before it dries.

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There’s no word on how long the bike was stuck in the concrete, but a construction worker can be seen on the phone presumably calling in the incident. Hopefully, help arrived fast and they were able to get the motorcycle to a car wash before the concrete set.

It remains unclear how the accident happened, but the beginning of the video shows the roadway was clearly blocked off with traffic cones. As a result, it’s possible the rider didn’t notice the construction or was simply trying to ride through the construction site unaware there was wet concrete. Regardless of what happened, they’re probably regretting it.


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