The New Acura Type S Concept Is Starting To Look Like The Acura We Miss

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Image: Acura

A new Acura TLX Type S and at least one other Type S model have been promised for the near future, and today Acura’s trotting out the Type S concept to get us hyped and hint at what its next practical-performance cars should look like.

One of the moldiest car-enthusiasts clichés is that Acura’s heyday of design ended around 2009; essentially when “the beak” took over as the brand’s unifying styling language replacing years of smooth-but-staunch lines and accessible performance.

This is one cliché I have to admit I sort of agree with. But Acura’s more recent looks have edged away from the silliness of the turn of the 2010s, and now, it seems like the company’s actually on pace to give us something that’s genuinely visually appealing.

We don’t know exactly what kind of upgrades to the next wave of Acura Type S cars will have, but the press release says: “Type S models will deliver a high-performance driving experience with quicker acceleration, nimbler handling and stronger braking performance than conventional Acura models.”

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