Immaculate 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Is A Rare Bull Indeed

A stunning 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 has been listed up for sale through RM Sotheby’s private sale site and, thanks to its rarity and how well it has been maintained, it is bound to sell for an extraordinary amount of money.

Lamborghini only ever built 764 examples of the Miura and of those, just 275 examples were the early P400 models.

This particular Miura is chassis no. 3171 and was the 80th example produced by the Italian car manufacturer. It is also just one of 124 P400s featuring a thinner-gauge chassis frame than later cars and, according to the listing, it is these lightweight examples which are hugely desirable among collectors.

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The car was built in mid-October 1967 and was initially delivered in France. The vehicle’s ownership history then gets a little murky, but we know that in the 1980s, it made its way over to the United Kingdom. The car was purchased by a man from Birmingham in 1989, who oversaw a comprehensive restoration which included a re-spray and the blue leather interior being reupholstered, as well as the fitting of gold sills and gold Campagnolo alloys.

The engine and gearbox were rebuilt by Nicol Transmissions, and the process included the fitment of new valves, forged pistons, and Lamborghini liners. Additionally, the Weber carburetors, brakes, and clutch were all rebuilt. The car was then sold to a man, in 2004 who spent four years also restoring it before it was passed on to a Spanish buyer in 2012 and then the current owner in 2017.

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