Inside Ferrari’s new design studio

When Manzoni joined Ferrari in 2010 there were just a handful of designers. Today there are more than 100 working in the 1400sq m design centre in facilities that encompass everything from clay modelling to two ateliers where more than 200 customers come each year to meet with designers and individually personalise their new Ferrari. 

Manzoni also spoke of his desire to give each model its own distinct look, rather than a Russian doll-style approach. 

“We never follow the strategy of a ‘family feeling’ effect in the range,” he said. “You consider the shape, and that must reflect the essence of each project. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but each car must also then still be recognisable without a badge. But it makes the job more fun. It’s difficult, as every time you have to be new but consistent.” 

The SUV will be the most ‘different’ Ferrari yet, but it is a challenge Manzoni has relished. “We are very lucky,” he said. “We made a job to start from an idea that’s the consciousness of the richness of Ferrari: the forms, patrimony. 

, Inside Ferrari’s new design studio

“But at the same time, we are not slaves to history. We have a beautiful architecture. Our job is between prudence of tradition and the courage of innovation. This expresses our approach. There’s lots of responsibility for the brand, but a courage to evolve in different directions and break many rules. The SF90 breaks many rules. We didn’t use round rear lights but we’re happy to have made something different. 

“You should start with a lot of curiosity, the desire to make something really strong and unique.”

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