Mitsuoka’s Promo Video For The Galue Is Glorious Baroque Nonsense

Mitsuoka, the odd-ball carmaker behind the Orochi and the Miata-vette mashup called the Rockstar, also make a neo-baroque take on the Nissan Teana called the Galue. Turns out, they know exactly how to sell them too.

I’d love to know how the cinematographer behind this promotional clip conceived of the ice cliffs and snow drifts introduction, but once they fade away, the driving violins come in and the majestic Galue comes into focus, I’m anxious to see every detail of the elegant new machine that will bring some much-needed class back into my life. The shots of the car are interspersed with more inspirational sights. Molten lava, a serene midnight forest scene, Tokyo’s soaring skyline. It all is there to show you the scale of the phenomenon that is the Mitsuoka Galue.

And in the video you can see it all. The Galue has a Bentley-esque upright chrome grilled topped with a hood ornament and flanked by matching round headlights. The rest of it? Almost exactly the same as the Teana, save for some oddly-sourced taillights. Who cares, though? What matters is how you make an entrance, and with the Galue, you’re bound to make an impression every time.

Photo: Mitsuoka

This Galue is actually the fourth generation in the series. The previous model was Toyota-based, and save for a mustang-based Galue convertible, the other two were also Nissans underneath.

Photo: Mitsuoka

I’m not exactly sure who buys these, but you can actually get the Galue in left-hand-drive and there are sales offices outside of Japan in Macau, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Monaco and England. That said, they must not be trying very hard to move Galues these days as the promo video is only on the Japanese version of the site.

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