First 2020 Toyota Supra Up For Auction Fails To Sell – Have Petrolheads Finally Wised Up?

Earlier this month, a 2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition was listed for auction on Bring A Trailer and looked set to go for well in excess of its $55,250 MSRP.

Contrary to what one might have though, it failed to meet its reserve, so it wasn’t sold – which might be revealing both about the market and the car itself.

The Japanese sports car was listed online through a dealership by the name of nexusautobrokers in Marietta, Georgia and it seemed as though the company was trying to flip the in-demand Supra for a generous profit. After just one day, the car had attracted a highest bid of $50,550, but it appears as though bidders soon wised up as the auction ended with a highest bid of $56,700 a couple of days ago.

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While dealerships marking up new vehicles is nothing new, it seems that this practice is starting to rub enthusiasts the wrong way. Besides, while dozens of Toyota dealerships are trying to sell Supra Launch Edition models for premiums, there are also lots that are available for MSRP. In fact, a quick search online shows heaps of new Supras looking for homes for under $60,000. Thus, this one isn’t going to be the moneymaker some might have expected.

Toyota has built just 1,500 examples of the Launch Edition and, despite the new-age Supra being one of the most eagerly anticipated performance cars in recent memory, people are more than happy to wait a bit more for the regular versions, or just pay MSRP, than make some flipper richer.

We happen to think the Supra represents quite good value at $55k compared to its rivals, but there’s no doubt the arrival of the 2020 Corvette Stingray with its $59,995 starting price has stolen some of the Supra’s thunder – not to mention the BMW Z4 connection that has been a turn off for some aficionados.

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