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Someone Created A Tesla Model 3 Low-Rider Because Why Not?

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway, and the fierce competition between major car manufacturers has led to the creation of some stunning machines.

One of the automakers that kickstarted the trend, and still continues to play a key role in zero-emission vehicles, is Tesla.

Elon Musk’s company has, despite the many setbacks it has faced, managed to attract lots of customers, especially after the launch of the Model 3, which is much more affordable than both the Model S and Model X.

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Even with EVs, though, there’ll always be some who’ll want their ride to stand out from the rest – and to that end, they turn to tuning companies, who are more than happy to oblige.

The owner of this 2018 Model 3 contacted Ferrada and chose their FR7 alloy wheels. The 10×20- and 11×20-inch front and rear rims, with a silver finish, which is also available in other sizes and shades, can completely fill the wheel arches at the push of a button, as the adjustable air suspension brings the whole ride just a few millimeters away from the tarmac.

It’s highly subjective whether the low-rider stance does not do justice to Tesla’s entry-level electric sedan, but it’s still nice to see a personalized EV every now and then. And see it you will, as the wheelmaker has released not just a bunch of few images, but also a video that puts an emphasis on the modifications.


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