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The Mercedes-AMG One Sounds Just Like An Actual F1 Racer!

The Mercedes-AMG One has apparently been pushed back until 2021 due to the difficulties the German marque is having with its F1-powered street car.

We’re sure customers were a little upset by this; and, after watching the following videos, they’ll yearn even more for the issues to be solved so that their new ride is delivered to them.

The clips were filmed at a recent event in Baden Baden, Germany, where AMG owners were offered the opportunity to see the One and the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series up close. They show the hypercar testing – thanknfully, without any music dubbed over it to hide the engine and exhaust note. The image quality of the videos is not the best, but we do get to hear what the F1-derived powertrain sounds like.

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Fittingly, the car sounds just like a Formula 1 car from the current turbo-hybrid era. There’s no guarantee that the street car will sound exactly like this, though, because this prototype probably doesn’t have a production-spec exhaust – plus, noise regulations are getting even more strict. The car certainly doesn’t sound like a traditional supercar with a screaming high-displacement V8, V10 or V12, but does have a very unique appeal to it.

It is claimed that Mercedes-AMG engineers are struggling to ensure the hybridized 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 can meet WLTP emissions regulations. Additionally, AMG’s engineers are finding it difficult to ensure the engine doesn’t require electric pre-heating before it turns over like it does in an F1 car. But we’re pretty sure they’ll eventually come up with a solution. The stakes are too high, and it’s not just owners, but also petrolheads, who are salivating over the thought of the One hitting the streets.


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