Warning: You May Fall In Love With This Modern-Day Lamborghini Miura

The Lamborghini Miura is rightfully regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever designed and this rendering from Ruperto Design shows it could look just as good if it were reimagined for today.

The most identifiable aspect of the original Miura is its glorious low-slung profile and elongated hood. In updating the car for the 21st century, Ruperto Design maintained the overall shape of the original and then set about transforming the details.

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At the front, you will notice a much sharper nose and bumper more reflective of Lamborghini’s current style than the curved shape of the original. In addition, the out-dated circular headlights have been replaced with thin LED units that, nevertheless, retain the ‘eyelashes’ which helped make the Miura so iconic.

Another nice change are the wing mirrors. Not all Miuras left the factory with mirrors but some that did featured small chrome mirrors mounted at the top of the front wheel arches. This rendering used this same location but has cameras instead of traditional mirrors to feed live images into screens in the cabin.

Continuing the stunning looks are aggressive side skirts with air intakes and a wrap-around windshield with narrow, and blacked-out, A-pillars, while there are also vents directly behind the side windows just like the original. It all looks rather superb.

Would Lamborghini ever launch a homage to the Miura? We would absolutely love to see it happen, and it’d sure sell like hot cakes, but that’s up to the powers-that-be at Sant’ Agata (or is it Wolfsburg?) to decide.


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