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Mercedes-Benz G-Class By Carlex Makes You Think You’re Inside A Sports Car

If you want to be seen driving a vehicle that’s brash, bold and shows off your wealth, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will do the job quite nicely.

Are there better alternatives on the market? Yes. After all, the G-Class has never been known for its remarkable on-road comfort and prowess. As a status symbol, however, it has the competition licked. Can it be made even more desirable? Absolutely – just check out this example from Carlex Design.

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The SUV in question is a G63 AMG that has been outfitted with an interior so eye-catching that you could be forgiven for thinking you were sitting in a sports car. That is, of course, until you actually look out the windows and realize you’re towering above most other road users.

A combination of red and black leather is what makes the cabin stand out and is found across the new seats and door panels. Continuing the black and red theme is an intriguing blend of carbon fiber with red accents that can be found on the center console, the door panels, the front passenger grab handle and the shroud around the digital gauge cluster. Other nice touches include a commemorative embroidery that reads ’40 Years Of Legend’ and includes an image of the G-Wagen.

Carlex Design hasn’t said how much the interior of this unique G-Class costs, but we have a hunch G63 owners who like it won’t have any trouble signing the cheque.

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