Lexus previews EV hatchback ahead of Tokyo unveiling

“We expect four wheels operating independently will offer greater agility, stability and excitement,” he said. “We will continue to pursue this exciting opportunity.” 

Meanwhile, Lexus design boss Koichi Suga is defining the design of a production Lexus EV. Final design hasn’t yet been signed off by Toyota president Akio Toyoda, but he told Autocar the spindle grille won’t disappear completely. 

“Cooling still needs to happen,” said Suga. “The spindle grille is also a representation of personality, and it’s the face of the car, so it’s really a necessary part of the brand identity. But because it’s an EV, [customers] are also going to expect something that’s futuristic, something more non-traditional.” The Tokyo-bound concept will hint at the direction he wants to take. 

Lexus also plans other alternatives to the petrol engine, including plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells. Sato hailed the company’s expertise in hybrid technology as a major advantage. 

“The hybrid technology is our core. Our expertise in electrical control technology and battery technology can be used for other types of alternative powertrains, even fuel cells,” he said. 

However, the widespread availability of a fuel-cell-powered Lexus is strongly linked to the growth of the infrastructure. 

Sato stressed Lexus can’t solve that problem alone, but he emphasised his team is “never giving up on this technology”. Sato also claimed Lexus needs an entry-level car to lure buyers moving up from non-luxury brands into showrooms. The CT – ditched in the US but still on sale in Europe – is well overdue a replacement, but the brand is said to be weighing up sales of the new UX crossover to see when or if a new version is needed. However, Autocar understands it’s pencilled in for 2021 behind the scenes. 

, Lexus previews EV hatchback ahead of Tokyo unveiling

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