Price Comparison: Most Expensive Corvette C8 vs. Most Expensive C7

We’ve been able to spec our dream C8 Corvettes for a while now, but the online configurator Chevy debuted with the new ‘Vette initially didn’t detail prices for any of the optional goodies available on the new car. A few days ago, however, Chevy updated their pricing tool, and we now know just how much the bowtie brand plans on charging for the 2020 Corvette C8 and all of its optional extras.

You can now spec your dream mid-engine Corvette and know how much it’ll set you back. The configurator for the 2019 Corvette C7 is also still up, so we thought we’d take a look and see how the two cars stacked up against one another in a quick price comparison. Chevy worked hard to keep the base price of the new car under $60,000, but the C7 and C8, both configured with the must-have Z51 Performance Pack and nothing else, cost $61,995 and $64,995, respectively. An increase of just $3,000 doesn’t seem too unreasonable considering the extra performance a mid-engine layout and double-clutch gearbox will no doubt bring.

But what if you want all the bells and whistles? According to the configurator, a maxed-out C7 Stingray equipped with the eight-speed automatic, magnetic ride control, carbon-fiber roof, Sebring Orange paint, and a smattering of other extra costs $95,765. The most expensive C8 will run you $106,205, representing a much bigger price discrepancy of $10,440. To drive the price that high you’ll need to spec an upgrade paint color (we went with orange on our C8 to match the C7), engine appearance package, ground effects kit in carbon fiber, a carbon-fiber roof, the front lift kit, pewter-painted aluminum wheels, the competition seats, and a host of other, smaller customization options like the car cover and wheel locks.

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