Wild Polestar 1 From Need For Speed Heat Is Becoming A Reality

Automotive designer and rendering extraordinaire Khyzyl Saleem has revealed that a version of the crazy Polestar 1 he designed as the cover car for Need for Speed Heat will be brought to life.

The hero car in Need for Speed is painted yellow and adorned with a plethora of body aerodynamic elements that one may think would remain exclusively in the digital world. As it turns out, Saleem’s original design is actually even wilder than the car featured in the game and is currently being replicated by a company dubbed Sekrit Studios.

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Saleem’s design is dominated by sharp new bodywork that makes the Polestar 1 look more like a Time Attack car than a vehicle for the street. At the front, there is a massive splitter as well as a bespoke hood with huge air vents. Also ensuring the car stands out are flared front and rear wheel arches and massively wide wheels and tires. Perhaps the craziest aspect of the car’s design are a pair of two individual rear wings mounted to the chassis.

Polestar only commenced production of the hybrid-powered 1 at its new production facility in Chengdu, China in late August and the first customer examples aren’t expected to be delivered until later this year. With that in mind, it remains to be seen how Sekrit Studios has been able to source one so quickly. Nevertheless, a series of images of the car show its flared front fenders being mocked up and we expect to see it unveiled in full in the next couple of months.

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