Neuron EV’s T/One Pickup And Torq Semi Truck Visibly Target Tesla

While EV fans count the days to the debut of Tesla’s electric pickup on November 21, another California-based company has revealed two battery-powered trucks.

We’re talking about Neuron EV, a startup founded in 2017 which declares itself the first Electric Utility Vehicle company. Earlier this week at the 2019 China International Import Expo in Shanghai, the company has unveiled the T/One all-in-one EUV (electric utility vehicle) and the Torq semi-truck.

If they end up getting mass-produced, the T/One and Torq will be competitors for Tesla’s electric pickup and the Semi, respectively. The T/One is a multipurpose vehicle created for commercial and personal use while the Torq is an electric semi-truck developed to be the next generation solution for commercial transportation.

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Neuron EV T/One electric utility vehicle

Both vehicles are based on a modular platform and place emphasis on versatility. The basic tractor unit features a scalable chassis, allowing users to easily attach and detach interchangeable body components, therefore changing the vehicle’s appearance and functionality.

According to the company, the electric drivetrain optimizes floor room and lowers the center of gravity, creating an easy to drive platform. In a similar way to cargo vans, the cabin is shifted forward to maximize driving visibility, interior roominess, and cargo capacity.

, Neuron EV’s T/One Pickup And Torq Semi Truck Visibly Target Tesla
Neuron EV Torq semi-truck

Without getting into specifics, Neuron EV says the trucks feature a multi-source propulsion system drawing power from an all-electric traction battery pack, replaceable reserve power, and a removable solar panel truck bed cover.

The interiors are at least as interesting as the exteriors, with both trucks featuring a central driving position and a panoramic 360-degree view courtesy of wireless cameras connected to the driver’s screen. The EVs feature no physical knobs and switches thanks to a vehicle interface compatible “with the latest gadgets and internet solutions.”

, Neuron EV’s T/One Pickup And Torq Semi Truck Visibly Target Tesla
Neuron EV T/One cabin

The big question is obviously when (and if) these pre-production prototypes will morph into models people will actually be able to buy.

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