Ford Capri To Make A Return? “Who Would Not Want That?”, Says Design Chief

One of Ford’s most iconic nameplates, the Bronco, will be making a comeback, more than two decades after the fifth-gen was discontinued. They have also revived the Puma moniker, which however is now a small crossover instead of a Fiesta-based coupe, and the Capri might be the next in line.

Don’t get your hopes too high, though, as there’s nothing certain about the revival of the Capri moniker, other than Ford of Europe chief of design, Amko Leeenarts’, opinion – which may, or may not, indicate that such a project could be on the table.

Talking to Autocar on this subkect, Leenarts admitted that he would like to see the classic styling being brought up to date.

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“Who would not want to bring back the Capri as a design? We’d love it. But it’s got to be in the zeitgeist and has to fit, and work as a plural, not just exist as something for a designer to bring back an old car”, said Leenarts. “I’m amazed by the amount of names we own that spur emotions, positive and negative.”

Ford produced three generations of the Capri in Europe. The Mk1 was also made in Australia and South Africa, alongside the Cologne (Germany) and Hatewood (the UK) plants. The Mk2 was made in the latter two only, and in Belgium’s Genk, whereas the Mk3 was only put together in Cologne. Production spanned between 1969 and 1986, and with the moniker recently having its 50th anniversary, it was celebrated by the Blue Oval by taking an RS2600 to a nostalgic trip.

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Ford Capri Mk IV Renderings by Fabien Rougemont

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