Range Rover Hunter Doubles As A Sports Car And An Off-Roader

There’s some talk online that Land Rover will introduce a new model dubbed the Road Rover. Will such a vehicle look anything like this, the Range Rover Hunter? In all likelihood not, but this eye-catching concept does give us an idea of what a hardcore sports car-shaped off-roader from the British automaker could look like.

The concept comes from way back in 2015 although we only recently stumbled across it. It is the creation of Oliver Cattell-Ford and features a design far more radical than any current Land Rover model. In fact, with the exception of the front grille and the badges, it would be impossible to know what brand it really is supposed to be.

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Underpinning the car is a carbon fiber monocoque that comes complete with an electric motor at each of the four wheels. The concept also supports an innovative suspension system that incorporates articulating wheel pods that pivot hydraulically from control arms attached to the monocoque. What this means is that the car could be driven with a very low ride height just like a sports car, while also having a higher ride-height option best suited to off-roading.

Adorning the car’s chassis are radically-shaped body panels as well as aggressive LED headlights and taillights. Some inspiration seems to have been taken from fighter jets, particularly at the rear where there are two sharp vertical fins.


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