Impaired Mustang Owner Crashes, Sets Gas Pump Ablaze

Ford Mustangs are famous for crashing at Cars & Coffee, but they don’t have anything on this guy who crashed his pony car at a gas station in Chandler, Arizona.

While the crash happened back in October, recently released surveillance video shows the driver made a boneheaded move that cost him his car and his freedom.

As you can see in the clip, Clemente Torres apparently tried to do a burnout while leaving a gas station. This didn’t go as planned as Torres lost control and slammed into a parked car as well as a gas pump. The latter fell over and quickly caught on fire.

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Torres ran from his burning car, while bystanders rushed to rescue the person who was refilling their vehicle at the now burning gas pump. Torres can then be seen running into the gas station to grab a water bottle, which he then pours onto the fire.

After several minutes pass, the fire department arrives on the scene to extinguish the blaze. The Mustang appears to be a complete loss, but thankfully the damage was somewhat limited.

According to CBS5, Torres fled the scene and attempted to walk home. Police eventually caught up to him and noticed a “strong alcoholic odor on his breath.” As a result, police tested him for alcohol and discovered Torres had a blood alcohol concentration of .241 – over three times the legal limit.

To make matters worse, police reportedly contacted Torres’ family who told officials he was on his way to a DUI Veterans Court for a previous drunk driving incident. Unsurprisingly, he’s now facing a long list of changes and is responsible for causing approximately $25,000 in damage to the gas station and the car he hit.


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