2JZ, NOS & Underglow: A Fast & Furious Inspired A70 Supra

At first glance, this A70 Toyota Supra appears to be the result of an owner with some deep love for the Fast and Furious franchise (or Wild Speed as the Japanese call it). Lamborghini doors, underglow, and a custom aero kit with custom paint and graphics all point to that.

However, like most things in Japan, the more you dig, the more your realize how many more layers there are. And the T-Get Works Supra, as found as Tokyo Auto Salon last weekend, has a lot of layers.

The owner purchased the A70 around 12 years ago, and ever since then has been evolving its style and purpose.

, 2JZ, NOS & Underglow: A Fast & Furious Inspired A70 Supra

Often, a car with such an outlandish exterior will be lacking in other areas, but that’s not the case here. Not only did a later A80 series Supra donate its dashboard to the cause, but also its 3.0-liter twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE engine.

, 2JZ, NOS & Underglow: A Fast & Furious Inspired A70 Supra

But it’s far from a stock 2JZ. You can see the twin GCG Garrett GTX2871R turbos, but what you can’t see are the HKS forged pistons, Tomei connecting rods, and other various supporting mods. All told, the setup is reputedly good for a reliable 650hp, with an extra 200hp shot of nitrous oxide on hand for good measure.

In one of the earlier images you may have noticed that the driver’s side rear wheel and tire combo is not the same as the others, and this was to show that the car is being set up for dual street and drag use – hence all the horsepower.

, 2JZ, NOS & Underglow: A Fast & Furious Inspired A70 Supra

The engine exhales through a custom exhaust system that borrows styling cues from the Lexus LFA, while the the headlights were taken from an NSX. I’m actually amazed at how well they fit the A70, to be honest. The owner also created the rear LED taillights and rear spoiler to complete the Supra’s eccentric styling.

This wasn’t the sort of Supra I expected to stumble across at TAS 2020 – look out for our A90 post coming soon for a whole bunch of those – but you have to expect the unexpected at this event, and the T-Get Works Supra was exactly that.

Ron Celestine

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