This Nissan Altima Was Maimed Just Because America Loves Trucks

Howdy partner! Fancy yourself one of ’em Nissan trucks, derived from a regular four-door family sedan? No? Good, because this particular one definitely needs a reason to stop existing.

For one, the build quality of the conversion doesn’t seem all that great. Then there’s the fact that turning your 5th-gen Altima into a pickup can’t be that cheap – hopefully it didn’t cost more than the car’s actual worth.

Aside from the truck bed, we also spot a pair of side rails, as well as a hood scoop which is probably as useful as a massive rear wing on a 1.0-liter Ford Fiesta.

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The fact that this Altima has seen much better days actually got us thinking about whether or not there actually is a pickup conversion out there that not only looks good, but makes sense.

Right off the bat we can eliminate this Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Truck, as well as the Mercedes E320 Crewcab pickup we showed you last month. We would also include this Mazda MX-5 pickup and this first-gen Audi A8 Ute as dishonorable mentions.

So what’s there to like then? Well, how about this Nissan Silvia pickup? While it almost looks like something out of Mad Max, the actual conversion appears quite decent. There’s also something interesting about this BMW M3 pickup from a few years ago, especially when we think about all that weight being removed from the rear axle. We picture it constantly power-sliding.

Now, if you want precise craftsmanship, look no further than this Startech-tuned Range Rover truck, unveiled in Shanghai back in 2015. While it may not be gorgeous, it instantly became one of the world’s most exclusive pickups.

Thanks to Nick for the tip!

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