Fox Body Ford Mustang Looks Like A Riot On Bogger Tires

The third-generation Ford Mustang, better known as the Fox Body, is one of the most beloved iterations of the pony car and this particular example in the U.S. is rather special in its own quirky way.

If you’re a Fox Body purist, you may want to look away now because this is about as far away as you can get from a concourse-quality Mustang that’s been comprehensively restored and looks brand new. This Fox Body has instead been customized to provide its owner the maximum amount of smiles-per-mile and that meant performing some drastic modifications.

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Most notably, the car has been outfitted with truly gargantuan bogger tires that mean it can drive through mud and along sand without a worry in the world. The tires are so massive that the owner had to cut the car’s rear-wheel arches so they would fit. Additionally, much of the exhaust has been removed to allow the 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine to breathe.

The clip below details some of the modifications made to the car and includes some footage of it being driven along sand and through mud. It looks like an absolute riot to drive and is probably just as fun to drive as a dune buggy. The pony car clearly isn’t going to win any beauty contests but we’d much rather see a Fox Body that gets driven than one that spends its days locked away in a shed.


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