When You Really Want A Buick Roadmaster But End Up With A Hyundai Elantra

The owner of this Hyundai Elantra is clearly a big fan of American cars from the 1950s and ’60s and made some bizarre modifications to the South Korean compact sedan.

Images of the modified Elantra were recently shared on Reddit and apparently snapped in a Lowe’s parking lot in Florida. Fourth-generation Elantra models like the one pictured are not what you’d call ‘good-looking’ but this one takes the cake as perhaps the ugliest we’ve ever come across.

Starting towards the front end you will notice the car is sitting on a set of chrome wheels with white-wall tires. It also features chrome wing mirrors and chrome on the door handles, A-pillars, B-pillars, C-pillars and side skirts. There are even a set of fake, side-exiting tailpipes also finished in chrome. Then we come to the most ghastly part of the car.

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For whatever reason, the owner thought it’d be a good idea to fit a set of wheel skirts at the rear. While some cars can look quite good with wheel skirts, this Elantra is clearly not one of them. Other alterations made to the car include the fitment of two chrome tailpipes at the rear and some small flame graphics around the door handles and taillights.

Look closely and you’ll also notice what appears to be a custom badge on the tailgate.

Only in Florida would we expect to see something like this…

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